Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What To Expect From A Producer!

Artists want their problems solved. Producers are problem solvers. However most artist have a pretty steep learning curve about what a producer can and can't do! Lets talk about the different jobs a producer fills.

1) The “sound “ of the recording is usually shaped by the engineer BUT the producer can help put that in motion. I always recommend artist bring examples of the recordings that have the "sound" you are looking for!

2) A producer should be able to help shape the artistidirection of the recording..making sure that YOU get what you NEED at this point in your career...In terms of establishing your brand identity, making noise in the biz and with the public, achieving an authentic artist vibe etc And if the direction needs shaping and clarifying this is something you would be collaborating with your producer..keeping in mind that they "work for you" to help you achieve your next steps NOT the other way around!

3)  A producer can make sure the songs are helping you reach your goals…. Sometimes by collaborating on the writing, sometimes by helping you select which tunes are strongest and most likely to help you achieve your goals and sometimes by  sending an artist back to the “writing” part of the process!
SO, in choosing your producer you are choosing someone who should bug you with questions, help you clarify your goals and focus you on what you want to achieve with your music in the short.... and long run.

When considering a new recording project I always recommend starting by building relationships with a batch of different producers.
Conversations (by phone, e mail or in person)   will help you clarify
1)  what YOU want to achieve with this recording
2) What THEY will bring to the table to help you achieve your goals

 ....and ultimately help you decide who you want to work with at this time in your career! 
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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Importance Of Routine

"Routine? But I'm a creative person!  Won't all that structure kill inspiration"? I hear you say!

Yes we Artists love chaos and drama!
Our biggest fears are all about not actualizing that radical creativity in the world.
But its usually emotionally driven fear and anxiety about it all that tangles us up and gets in our way!
We tend to resist the very thing we want in some invisible but powerful way.

You know those overwhelming goals that you can't seem to get started on? The best solution to all that resistance is a structured daily routine in which you work away  at climbing the"Big Mountain" every day... by taking tiny "manageable" steps.

Songwriting. Vocal technique, Mediation, Physical Fitness, there are all sorts of useful things you can be "doing" instead of worrying and stressing yourself and all those around you.

Daily specific work can keep our most self destructive patterns at bay.

                                                  PRODUCTIVITY BECOMES A HABIT!

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and stay focused on the task at hand for 3 or 4 days. You'll see how your habit of discipline can become the single most important factor in your sense of forward motion!

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