Monday, October 27, 2014

Mastery As A Daily Challenge

Why is it SO damn hard to do a little practice every day?

       I have always resisted daily practice in my own life and career.  Mostly because it is so damn uncomfortable to have to face learning something new. It means admitting I'm not good at something. Sound familiar? Practicing something we're not good at means facing ourselves with the truth.
          It still does freak me out, but I have gradually become more accepting and understanding of the process. How? By doing the really scary uncomfortable act of practicing a little bit every day. Things that are new to us always feel difficult until we get comfortable with the new information. Eventually the materials you are looking at stop being "something I'm bad at" and become "something I'm working on".
But of course that takes practice.

           Daily practice is recommended for vocal technique because doing a little bit everyday means it's going to become a habit eventually (like the gym or yoga or cooking for ourselves etc). When we wait to have a really big session say once a week we run the risk of being overwhelmed by how bad we're doing and having to walk away. Or having it be cancelled for a variety of reasons which wrecks havoc with our confidence as see our "mastery" gradually slipping further and further away.

        Regular voice technique sessions are the way to build up confidence. In our craft. In ourselves. It's all about ego after all.  Those who get ahead, in the Arts, in Sports, in Life show us that "facing our fears" everyday is the way to gradually build up real confidence in what we are doing. That confidence shows up, on stage, in rehearsal, in the studio… and in our business dealings. Others can feel our increased mastery just as we do!

So, what is keeping you from daily mastery?

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