Monday, March 2, 2015

The Whole Picture

For those of you who are still resenting anything in your career that doesn't have to do with the music..such as learning to better communicate through social media,  working at better understanding your brand and at finding a like minded community for your music, I have this to say….

 ..ALL of these activities are actually an integral part of your music making.

Music is communication. A campaign asking for funds through a crowd funding project is an opportunity to communicate who you are and what your music is about to a larger community of people. Audience building through "the ask" is now a staple of the well planned career. And you are still mad about having to use Facebook and Twitter or Instagram to build your fan base?  Hmmmmm...

             How badly do you want a career in this business?

In the old days we all thought designing, xeroxing and stapling up hand made posters around town was an honest part of a musicians gig. You wanted to play to a full room, so you could get your music heard, get booked back into the venue and get your name out there. The handbill was designed by you and was a way of communicating who you are.

Social media is an expanded and much improved delivery system for exactly the same effect. Whats the resistance about?

Those of you who don't understand how to build content for the web and have resisted it's possibilities are dealing with a bigger issue. You're not seeing communication in all of it's various incarnations as your job. And you are wrong. 

You are finding yourselves isolated because you desire an old system that doesn't exist anymore. How are you different than the fat cat record label guys who found themselves out of a job once the internet trained us to expect music for free and all the labels folded merged and/or downsized. 

Your old job has been redefined. Either grow with it or lose out to those who have figured out how to adapt!

These days musicians are asked to learn the whole picture. Its not enough to practice in your bedroom and garage, or simply post cover tunes on you tube and wait to be discovered. Our job is much more exciting and interactive. 

Yes perfect your instrument and your technique but also create a community around your music, or find the community that already embraces what you do!  Its as important to your job as singing in tune!

Your job as a musician is communication. If we told you there was a new instrument that would communicate the music you feel in your heart better and more accurately wouldn't you attempt to learn it? Of course you would. 

Well there is a new instrument that can communicate your music to a larger audience than you have ever dreamt possible. 

There will always be music. The folks who adapt to the new world are the ones that win in this new paradigm. Their music will get heard. Will yours?

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