Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Taking Responsibility


Artists who are stuck are usually asking the wrong questions, (…and just so we're clear folks, that includes me).

"Why wont they call me back, How come no one is coming out to the shows, Why am I not further than this by now in my career?

      No matter who we have working with us as a manager or agent, producer or industry professional ultimately the actual "manager" is ourselves. As artists we are the owner of the company, the producer of the product and the person responsible for the major decisions in our career.
The people we work with on our team only advise and support our movement.

     So, that means if w don't have our business skills or social media skills or our songwriting skills or our performance skills or our vocal chops together then it's up to us to figure out how to gain or improve on the existing skill set.

      Growth is challenging in a number of ways. 1 ) we are never guaranteed of the outcome so it's not a for sure thing when we embark on the journey. Being patient is not a trait that most artists possess 2) being bad at something is uncomfortable for most of us, so we avoid the experience with all kinds of road blocks and excuses. 3) taking responsibility for growth means we have to accept blame when stuff doesn't work out.

  The good news is that no one is growing unless they are failing sometimes, learning from their mistakes but making mistakes so they can learn! The bad news is that most artists don't focus on a step by step approach but get overwhelmed with the big picture and stand immobilized while their dreams pass them by. The Career Work groups are designed to get us unstuck by asking us to a) declare our challenges and get ideas and support in dealing with them b) forcing us to deal with the uncomfortable growth that gaining new skill sets can be and most importantly c) by asking  us to take responsibility for our career development.

Having spent the better part of 10 years seeking to empower artists in all kinds of ways I can safely say the most important step is for us to take responsibility. It's also the hardest because then we have to accept that if we're not happy in our career's its up to us to do something about it!

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