Monday, March 11, 2013

The Career Work Group

            "Everytime you are willing to take a risk you increase your ability to trust and believe in yourself"- from "Creating Money: Keys To Abundance"

Our first group met this past weekend and it was a really exciting start to this new idea.

           Singers Playground is all about providing the most powerful support possible for artists in every aspect of their careers but I was surprised at the velocity that this new idea of the Career Work Group has had. Clearly it has potential to fulfill a need in the musical community.
        As usual with all new developments at the  Playground I was trying to come up with a creative this case to how much time I was spending in support mode for clients in their career challenges outside of actual class time. Too many e mails back and forth not enough time for focus on whats in front of me.
           The way these CAREER WORK GROUPS groups are built ( and I am finding out as we go here because it's a new idea that is still growing), they meet monthly (or as often as the group decides) and the participants are encouraged to share both their successes and their challenges with the group in order to get ideas and input on what steps will move them forward.
        In our first group meeting the issues artists were challenged with were making their live show stronger, creating a more active relationship with management, creating material with collaborators and keeping focus on the larger agenda while trying to accomplish the long list of daily tasks.
    All of us (including myself) made commitments to the group about what we were going to accomplish by the time we all meet again next month.

I can already feel the support of the group commitment as I stretch into some uncomfortable tasks today knowing that I am responsible to the group to do the best I can... failure would be not trying at all. Tonight the second group meets for the first time at the Queen Street Singers Playground studio. I can't wait to see what will happen for us!

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