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                                         ARE YOU REALLY DIGGING IN FOR YOURSELF?

It's often been said that courage doesn't mean lack of fear it means courage in the face of fear! An artists life is challenging. Have a think through the amount of stress you experienced when having to do things for the first time.
 Writing your first song, calling your first club, putting your first band together, cold calling industry folks, doing your first mailing list etc. How much procrastination and how many excuses did you use before simply facing your fear and getting off your ass?
Most of us experience overwhelming self doubt and fear every step of the way. That seems to be a natural component of the creative personality.
It's only the deeply ambitious among us that learn to overcome their fears and push themselves towards their goals.

          Been doing a lot of thinking about these things as I coach the Career Work groups at Singers Playground. Watching and supporting artists as they dig in for themselves. Pushing past our fears to achieve our goals builds a kind of resilience and strength. Thats why successful people in this industry often seem more confident than us mere mortals. Bet they didn't start out that way though! Confidence is something that is built over time. Tested in situation after situation as we seek to build a career for ourselves based on integrity and our authentic selves.
We may never get past feeling insecure or scared but it's the brave among us who feel the fear and chose to act regardless.
Thats the only way we move forward our of our behaviors and habits that hold us back. If we are stuck we have no one to blame but ourselves.
Constant growth is the way a healthy artist creates a sense of core self empowerment.

                                    DIGGING IN TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!

              A good example is what I look for when I consider artists for the Singers Playground concerts. There are a few simple criteria for me in choosing who is asked to perform: Is the artist digging in to the best of their abilities to improve their skill set? This means working on their voice technique, their songwriting and/or arranging skills, learning how to record demo's and working with producers to hone their sound?
Is the artist out there performing regular shows already and gathering an audience for their music? Do they have the commitment to publicizing their shows and build their fan base?
Are they using social media to tell their story and create a buzz? Do they understand their "brand" and are they willing to examine their potential place in the marketplace?
Are they increasing their understanding of music business strategies and learning how to build a team of believers around them?
Simply put, the singers who are working hardest on the music, on themselves and on their careers are going to be considered for this opportunity and for other opportunities in this business.
Digging in for yourself becomes a habit when you practice it.
Micah Barnes



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