Thursday, April 11, 2013


Feeling overwhelmed? "Theres too much to do, too much on my plate, I cant figure out to do next"!
All great ways to stop our forward motion aren't they?

Resistance. It happens to me the most when I am really moving forward on a lot of fronts all at once or have a suddenly expanded task list. It also happens when I am scared to do something but can't admit that to myself.

Rather than stop and admit the fear (so I can better handle my expectations) or prioritize (and get just one item crossed off that list)  I will seek distraction with a season of a favorite TV show or something equally "useful"to my forward motion, and end up feeling angry at myself.
Great another way to beat ourselves up in this process of reaching our goals!    

                                  MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR RESISTANCE

There is nothing wrong with feeling overwhelmed or scared, thats a natural part of growing.  If your focus is on feeling comfortable then it will always be "too hard" to stretch and grow. If our focus is growth, we have to accept that growth tends to bring a certain level of discomfort.
            Our goal when feeling resistance is to make a new choice and find ways to move forward in spite of our fear.

Pay attention your resistance. Bring it into the light of day and identify it. Thats the first step towards moving past it..and the way we become familiar with our patterns of avoidance and denial.

Resistance can useful in helping us identify our fears. Usually our expectations are unreasonable in the situation and we are scared things aren't going to work out the way we want. So rather than move forward we stay stuck where we are comfortable. We'd rather be stuck and fearful than moving forward and terrified…thats just human nature.

                                                  LETS MAKE A DEAL!

The folks who really actualize their dreams practice a million acts of courage in order to reach their goals. Im all about making deals with ourselves..if it means getting just one important thing done today before we go to sleep then we can wake up one step further to our goals and a deeper sense of empowerment.

So lets make friends with the feeling of resistance  so we can recognize it when it happens.  If we approach the feeling of being overwhelmed with a firm hand and a short list of what could be done today we're growing a new skill set that will support our growth.

Resistance is normal yes.. But being a healthy artist is about being extraordinary isn't it?




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