Saturday, June 22, 2013

When Fear Is In The Drivers Seat


Artists come up against themselves in ways that regular folks just don't have to.

When we seek to express ourselves musically we are asked to reveal our deepest parts while inviting the whole world to judge us.

Thats not the reality, but often thats how it feels to us.

No wonder we can become so kooky and difficult to work with.

Ask anyone in the music industry who works with us and they will tell you that there is nothing harder than trying to support an artist in their work.

We are control freaks but we don't want to take responsibility for anything.

We want it to all go perfectly but we're scared to rehearse and prepare.

We are desperate for the world to love us but we don't have any faith in ourselves at all.

                                                          No One Is Safe On The Road!

Artists frequently have "out of control" ego's. Not only is fear driving the vehicle but it's desperate to get us to some perceived goal and isn't paying attention to the road! Thats why there are so many casualties in successful careers.
Often the industry folks who try and support us are met with distrust, outright anger and arrogance, sometimes even emotional violence.

The truth is we are just vulnerable and scared behind all that noise and so if there is someone who is supposed to be responsible for our forward motion and they don't do exactly what we want them to do we panic and lash out.

Why? Their behavior confirms our suspicions. Our worst fears are answered. We're not good enough, thats why they don't believe in us… and so we become angry.. Instead of asking the basic questions.
"What are the challenges you are facing in supporting my career..and  what can I be doing to make this easier"?

It takes a grown up to take responsibility and become a powerful artist who has integrity in what they do. It means our sense of self isn't on the line every time there is a road block or a challenge in front of us.

                                    Taking Responsibility For Our Forward Motion                  
How do we work on our fears about self to lessen it's impact on our lives and our careers?
The best thing we can do is to sit down and write a list of our largest fears.
Whats the worst case scenario? What scares us the most?
Not making it?
Not getting famous?
Never making money?
Not Being Good Enough?

All of these career goals are tied up in self issues. Our sense of self is on the line here and we're asking our career to give us validation and a sense of being OK. Potentially a great motivator but potentially fraught with danger for both ourselves and the people who work with us.

                                      Does Your Ego Have The Steering Wheel?

Have a look at what is driving you.... and you will have the answer to the question of why your career is not where you want to be.

If ego is driving the vehicle.. then fear and panic has the steering wheel.

Quick decisions that can negatively impact your forward motion and take a long time to recover from will be made.

If a sense of faith and trust in both yourself and the universe is present.... then you can experience your career as a wonderful journey with lots of opportunities to learn and grow along the way.

Which reality would you rather experience?

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