Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Working On Yourself As The Product!


Creating career opportunities for our selves as artists is an important focus. The singers who end up with longevity in their careers are the ones who dig in for themselves and develop themselves into the best possible product they can be. If your career isn't where you want it to be yet.. my questions would be:
Are you truly willing to work your voice until it's a communicative instrument?

Are you working on your live show to make sure you are meeting your audience with the best you can be?
Do you understand your brand identity and how to reach your targeted demographic?

                                             Key Questions To Ask

                               "Does your singing voice communicate who you are"?
Are you maximizing your instrument? Are you able to sing your show night after night without compromising your voice? Could you strengthen and improve your technique?

"                          Is your material right for you AND the very best it can be"?
Finding the right songs is essential to launching a career. You have to know what you sing best and what your audience wants to hear you sing!Whether you write them or not doesn't matter but your material has to set you apart from the rest of the millions of singers who are trying to establish themselves in the market place… Brand identity is very important in terms of choosing material so you have to know what you communicate best to an audience ...which means test marketing your material before spending a lot of money recording it.

"Are the music producers you are working with helping create the kind of recordings that support your next steps career wise"?
A lot of singers throw money at established producers hoping for a hit song without a clear sense of what they are looking for. The song and arrangement and production all have to be in alignment with your brand and what your next steps are in your career. Producers are not magicians they don't make stars can only support an identity you have built yourself.

                                  "Do you actually understand who you are as an artist"?
Who is your target market and what do you represent to them? Do you know what they care about and how best to reach them? If you solve these questions you will have solved the biggest challenges in any career.

                                                  YOU Solve The Problems!

Are the music industry people you are hoping to attract being asked to solve huge problems in your project or are you asking them to help support an already existing momentum?
 YOU have to build it…then they will come.

As a coach I am always watching to see how much of the ground work an artist is willing to do for themselves. The ones that get out there and do the market research and test the product with live shows and video's and social media campaigns etc are the ones who really understand who they are and what they represent to their audience. Thats what it takes to attract a team and to create momentum in a career.

Artists who are armed with that kind of knowledge stay in control of their careers over the long haul and THAT my friends is the secret to success in this business!

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