Friday, March 14, 2014

Climbing Mountains


When the mountain in front of you seems too steep to climb we can end up feeling helpless and desperate and overwhelmed.
 Sorting through the details of a career there will always be times you will be feeling desperation.. and fear that you are in danger of losing your dreams.

Successful artist are often driven by this fear but the difference that they do something about it on a daily basis.  Successful people face fear head on… and one of the most effective ways is by creating and sticking to a regime of self improvement and deepening our skill sets whether that be outreach to potential business partners,  practice on our instrument, song writing, physical exercise, vocal practice etc
                                           Perfectionist Don't Practice

We can't stand to be bad at something. It can be so acute a feeling that we never even give ourselves a chance to get better at it!  It's important that we don't get tangled up in fear and let it stop us from the step by step daily work that is needed to grow into the artist you are seeking to be..Daily work on ourselves creates an inner core of security and self assuredness knowing that we have done everything in our power to be ready to meet our dreams.

What can you do right now that will take you one step closer to your goal?

 There are times in our careers that involves very steep learning curves, like when we have a new manager, a new label, a new musical direction, a big opportunity to get ready for. You want to have the habit of slowly climbing up the mountain as part of your tool kit. That will mean your used to learning new skills and feeling a little overwhelmed. It will ensure a better outcome to whatever opportunities come your way.

Is your voice where it really needs to be? Are your songs as strong as they need to be? Are your performances really the most successful they can be?

This business moves fast and we don't have time to catch up with it sometimes. As soon as we climb one mountain another emerges to challenge us! We may always feel a little overwhelmed a little insecure and a little rushed. Thats the nature of the music business. We have to make friends with that fact.
However you can make your climb easier.. by taking little steps everyday.

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