Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An interview with Broadway Star and former Nylon Mark Cassius!

Micah: First a bit of history, what years were you a member/ what albums did you record with the guys?
Mark: I was a member from 1997-2005 I recorded 2 CDS, "A Wish for You" (2nd Christmas album) and "Play On"
How did you come to join the group?

I believe I was recommended by arranger, Charles Cozens and casting director, Stephanie Gorin.The group found me as I was finishing the Toronto run of "Ragtime".I had thus far dedicated my career to Musical Theatre and was ready for a change.
A Capella has it's own set of challenges. What was your experience/growth like in that area ?
I had spent many years as a choir boy in my youth, rediscovering "blend"  with such stylistic variety, was one of the most exciting challenges.

The Nylons have always maintained a busy touring schedule, were there adjustments for you in handling the physical regime?

Because of the rigors of my prior theatrical years, I was pretty ready for the physical demands. My love of travel made me adapt with ease at first to the frequent weekend jet aways, but it did eventually start to wear me down.
I had to get careful with rest and how I spent time off.

Are there any secrets you can share with us that you have used for maintaining vocal, physical and spiritual  health 

Vocally, when I have nothing to sing or say, I stay quiet.
Physically, I exercise using full range of motion, stay connected to my body, for it is the vessel that carries my junk.
Spiritually, I watch and pray. I don't know who God is, but I've realized that faith doesn't require that knowledge.

Are there any concerts or experiences that stick out as particulary memorable from your Nylon years?
Whenever we went to Madison, Wisconsin, which was where I made my Nylons Concert debut, something magical would happen.
There would be magic in the air that I just can't explain.
Our Holland tours were pretty extraordinary too, old world charm mixed with new world adventure.

What song would you say remains a special Nylons memory for you?

Two come to mind right away "Kiss Him Goodbye" and "Up on the Roof"

The Nylons form a special brotherhood or fraternity,  what are you looking forward to the most in these upcoming shows?
Reclaiming and re-establishing same. Experiencing the timeless treasure that is making and sharing our music. Being in harmony.

Mark will be joining The Nylons along with Billy Newton Davis and Micah Barnes for a reunion concert May 30th as part of the SING! Festival. Tickets available at
 In June, Mark will be starring in The Drayton Entertainment  Production of "Damn Yankees", role of "Mr. Applegate" (The Devil)

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